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What is the purpose of a Beacon?

Let’s say, you are an owner of a clothing store, which uses Beacon Smart Store technology. Today you want to promote two of your items, such as jeans and sneakers, to potential customers walking by your store. The Jeans are on sale for 50% off, and you have just received a new collection of sneakers, which have been put on display.

A customer enters your store. Even if the Beacon Smart Store application is not running on customer’s smartphone it catches a signal from the Beacon and displays welcome notification and informs customer of the promotions you are having in your store today.

What is beacon

The customer is walking throughout the store and approaches a shelf with jeans. At this moment, the smartphone catches a signal from the Beacon installed on the shelf, and displays new notification: "Only Today! Buy any pair of Jeans for 50% off!” If the customer walks by a display of the new collection of sneakers, the Beacon sends a notification to your customer’s smartphone saying, "Don’t miss out on our brand new sneaker collection!"

Beacon Smart Store

After the customer makes their purchases and begins to exit your store, the smartphone catches the Beacon signal located at the exit and sends a message saying, "Thank you for visiting us! Please enjoy a 20% off discount on your next purchase and have a nice day!”

Shopping with beacon

Besides it’s basic functions, BEACON Smart Store can be customized for each individual client.

For example, it can show personalized notifications or specific content to a certain client passing through a Beacon’s signal, which may be located anywhere.

Additional BEACON Smart Store features include a navigation module.

This helps shoppers navigate through shopping malls and gives them the ability to create a route of desired stores they wish to visit.

This module could save time for rushing customers and give newcomers a map of the building without having to look for an information booth.

Additional Features

In addition to the abilities of Beacon Smart Store listed above, our integrated solution gives you the ability to collect statistics of repetitive movements by customers throughout the store in real-time.

Using this data, you can:

  • - Discover the movement patterns of your buyers.
  • - Detect the areas and displays that attract the largest number of customers.
  • - Identify your customers’ duration of stay in a particular part of your store.

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