Beacon Smart Store

Web service for mobile and geolocation marketing, created on the basis of cutting-edge technologies.
  • Easy integration with mobile apps
  • Notifications sending and content management
  • Advanced analytics system
  • Supports iBeacon and Geofencing technologies
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Getting started with Beacon Smart Store is easy

With Beacon Smart Store you can focus fully on your sales. We will do all the rest for you.
You contact us
We consult you on how to integrate Beacon Smart Store into your business
We adapt BSS to your needs
We fine-tune the functionality and finalize the design of the service according to your requirements
We integrate BSS into your business
We help you integrate BSS into your app or develop an app for your from scratch
You use BSS to the utmost
Now a wide range of marketing opportunities is available to you in a single app
You get detailed analytics
With graphs, tables and heat maps analyzing your business becomes easy as never before
Explore the world of new exciting business opportunities
Address your visitors directly,
at the right time
and in the right place:
At the entrance to your location and while passing by individual beacons on its territory the app’s users will receive personal notifications right on the screens of their smartphones
Inform your customers
about discounts, promotions
and special offers:
When being next to the product, which is on a special offer, the app’s users will get reminders about current discounts and terms of promotions
View unique analytical data
in real-time and see how your marketing strategy works:
You will know the exact number of your visitors, will see their movement patterns and will learn which areas of your location attract them most
With Beacon Smart Store you will get the power to do the following:
Greet your visitors at the entrance:
You will be able to address each of your visitors in person the moment they enter your location through a welcome notification that will appear on the screen of their smartphones, for example: “Hello! Welcome to our store! Enjoy your shopping!”
Effectively promote your products and services, announce events, marketing campaigns and engage your visitors in promotions:
Getting close to the entrance, potential buyers with the installed application will get notifications with offers of your products and services. Beacon Smart Store allows you to organize notifications sending in off-line mode, without a permanent Internet connection. Finding a connection, the application automatically updates this information (not more often than once in a set period of time).
Arrange hyper targeted advertising of your products and services:
With the help of Beacon Smart Store you will be able to organize notifications sending containing offers of your products and services to certain categories of visitors, whom you chose as your target audience by criteria such as gender, age and marital status. Also, there is a possibility for you to arrange a separate advertising to those who visit you most often.
Direct visitors’ attention towards particular products/objects/areas inside your location:
Being next to a product on a discount the app’s users will get a special notification on their smartphones, for example: “-35% off on a winter collection! Come and try on!” or, for instance, visiting an exhibition or other event, they will get notifications with the current agenda.
Organize convenient system of indoor navigation:
With the help of application users will be able to determine their current location and build a route from where they are to any place inside your location, which will allow them to easily navigate and find what they need.
Detect the most popular areas:
Our service will show the most popular areas of your location with an indication of the average visitors’ duration of stay in each of them.
Evaluate the effectiveness of your current marketing campaign:
You will know how many people from those who received your notifications looked them through and took advantage of the proposed bonuses, will see the heat map of your visitors’ movement patterns inside your location and find out the number of unique visitors for the chosen reporting period (a day / a week / a month). This information will be displayed in the form of illustrative graphs.
Arrange additional advertising of your products and services through mobile apps of our partners:
We are constantly expanding our network of partners, and today you have a unique opportunity to use all the functionality Beacon Smart Store has, even if you do not have your own mobile app. Each time when users of one of our partners’ app will get into a place where your iBeacon devices are set, they will receive notifications from your company / organization.
Identify your regular visitors and include the iBeacon system into your corporate loyalty program:
Our service that gathers statistics and provides analytics will help you identify your most frequent visitors. With iBeacon you will be able to introduce a special reward system for them: for example, provide electronic discount coupons via the app or arrange a cumulative bonus system and reward customers with points for every new purchase they make.
Send out mass text messages with offers of your products and services to certain categories of users:
You can select a target audience of recipients and send notifications to those users who are potentially interested in your offer, for example, send notifications to the male part of the users on the eve of February 14th: "Hurry up to congratulate the one you love! 50% off on all perfumes." The app’s users will receive the notification regardless of where they are.
Beacon Smart Store includes the following:
With the help of it you will be able to customize the notifications your visitors will get at the entrance to your location and while passing by individual beacons on its territory.
You will be able to add an extra feature to your app allowing you to tell visitors all the necessary information about your organization and inform them on products available, services offered and current promotions. Users will be able to additionally take actions that are allowed according to the app’s settings defined according to your requirements.
We will calculate an optimal number of iBeacon devices taking into account the size of your location and purpose of their use.
You will see a heat map of your visitors’ movement patterns inside your location. As an additional service, we will add there a function of displaying your visitors’ movement routes with an indication of their duration of stay in separate areas of your location.
You will be able to provide your visitors with the additional services based on iBeacon according to your business needs.
We will assist you in placing the iBeacon devices rationally throughout your location and will set up the system of notifications sending to your visitors.
If necessary, we will provide a consultation and training for your staff so they can easily work with Beacon Smart Store .
At your request, we will extend the basic functionality of Beacon Smart Store: we will provide you with additional opportunities in the frame of the service, including new types of reports and any other functionality according to your specifications.
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